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Discover Eternal Peace at Good Shepherd Catholic Parish Peace Garden Columbarium


Welcome to a sacred sanctuary where faith and eternal rest converge, nestled within the consecrated grounds of St. Charles Borromeo Church. Our Peace Garden Columbarium offers a serene and meaningful final resting place for those seeking eternal communion with God and their beloved community.

Sacred Surroundings Experience tranquility amidst our prayerful gardens adorned with cherished Christian symbols, monuments, and structures. Our peaceful surroundings invite contemplation, prayer, and moments of reflection, fostering a serene environment for both the departed and visiting loved ones.


Continued Connection Through Cremation Choose the path of cremation as a means of eternal connection within the Church community. Placed within the Peace Garden, your choice represents an enduring link to the faith and a perpetual presence among fellow believers, echoing the sacraments received throughout life.


Belief in Resurrection Embrace the promise of resurrection and eternal life. Our Garden stands as a poignant reminder that death is not the end but a transition to a higher awakening in the presence of God. Here, the faithful find solace, knowing that their journey continues in the divine realm.


Compassionate Support In times of need, we will work directly with your family and chosen funeral director to assist with making final arrangements. We offer compassionate support and expert guidance, whether pre-planning or at the time of need, ensuring a seamless and respectful process for honoring your loved one's legacy.


Find Peace and Continuity The Good Shepherd Catholic Parish Peace Garden Columbarium is more than a resting place; it's a spiritual connection that transcends mortal boundaries. Here, find peace, continuity, and an eternal embrace within the loving community of faith.


Contact Us For inquiries and arrangements, please reach out to Salser & Dillard funeral chapel or directly connect with the Parish to discover how you or your loved ones can find eternal peace within our sacred grounds.

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